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Salt River Schools Host Two Well-Attended Community Forums in March

Salt River Schools Superintendent and Director of Education Louis Laffitte gives a presentation to the Community at the Lehi Community Building on March 30.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten,” said Salt River Schools (SRS) Superintendent and Director of Education Louis Laffitte as he kicked off an SRS Community Forum at the Lehi Community Building on March 30.

About 50 people attended the event, including Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members and parents, SRS board members, Tribal Council member Deanna Scabby (who is also a board member) and school staff. It was the second Community Forum held by the schools in March. The first was at the Salt River Community Building and had similar attendance. Free Indian tacos were provided to attendees.

“Thank you to the Community members and everyone interested in learning about Salt River Schools. This is an opportunity for us to have a discussion about the division, what we’re doing and how to move forward. I think it’s important to give a picture of where we are,” said Laffitte as he gave a PowerPoint presentation of the schools’ academic progress. “From this picture, we will learn about where we want to go and listen to all your questions, suggestions and strategies for helping us succeed in reaching our goals for all of the children at Salt River.”

Laffitte also provided an education plan for parents of students. He presented the current student academic progress and what SRS will do to help its students further excel in academics.

“Change, change management and strategic change is about improving the results of our students so they can be successful both inside and outside of the Community,” he said.

Community parent Stephanie Honeycutt expresses her concerns to the Salt River Schools staff and faculty. Councilwoman Deanna Scabby, who is also a SRS school board member, reassures all those in attendance that Salt River Schools and the Community will work together for the children.
Parents and guardians shared their perspectives and engaged in a question-and-answer session with Laffitte. The questions and answers will be highlighted in a future issue of Au-Authm Action News. A few of the questions were critical of Salt River Schools.

“We’re getting on [SRS] about problems that have always been here. We should work with [Superintendent Laffitte] and our teachers to help our kids succeed. A lot of it is us; we’ve got to work with them,” said one Community parent.

“I came because I wanted to see if they (SRS faculty and staff) really will listen. Some people don’t want to see it, but our Community is in a crisis because of [drug use],” said Community member Little Fawn Loring, who has children in school in Salt River.

If you are interested in the next SRS Community Forum or would like to attend a school board meeting, visit or call the Administration Department at (480) 362-2500/2502.