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Special Needs and Disability Resources Fair: ‘On a Mission to Transition’

Department of Economic Security had a booth set-up at the Special Needs and Disability Resources Fair, where individuals were able to ask any questions or get any assistance they needed.

On March 7, dozens of Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members and other guests attended the sixth annual Special Needs and Disability Resources Fair at the Salt River Community Building. This provided a chance for the SRPMIC Special Needs Resources Program to inform interested individuals about the resources available to them.

This year’s theme was “On a Mission to Transition,” focusing on people with special needs making the transition to the next stage, whether it’s getting the appropriate medical treatment, enrolling in school or finding employment by completing vocational rehabilitation.

“While going through transition, you’re growing and moving through the system, such as health and wellness, maintaining medical conditions, school and/or employment. This is what I wanted to emphasize,” said Special Needs and Resources Program coordinator Zandria Ransom about this year’s theme.

“The whole point is always awareness, to let families know that there are resources available to [support] themselves, their children and family members’ needs,” added Ransom.

Many presentations were given on a wide range of topics. Presenters included the Arizona Department of Economic Security, the Salt River Recreation Department, Red Mountain Behavioral Health Services, Salt River Schools, Honor Health and Raising Special Kids. Attendees were able to participate in 20-minute roundtable discussions to further their understanding and ask questions.

“I did get some responses from families who said they are learning about the different programs and resources that they might not have been aware of,” said Ransom. “So it is good that we are having monthly and annual events like this, because it’s helping the families. I also heard from some families who said they would like to see some resources available after 6 p.m., so that’s something I’m considering in the future.”

Lunch and raffle prizes were provided for guests. The Special Needs Resources Program also holds monthly events. For questions or to learn more, call coordinator Zandria Ransom at (480) 362-6980.