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Derby Racing with Dad

Community member Mike Juan paints a miniature boxcar derby with his daughter Jizelle during the Dad and Me Derby special interest class hosted by the Salt River Recreation Department.

On March 15, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community youth and their fathers were invited to a “Dad and Me Derby,” a special-interest class hosted by the Salt River Recreation Department. The youngsters built miniature soapbox derby cars from scratch and raced them. Time well spent with fathers!

“We just really wanted to do something with dads and encourage them to come out. Usually a lot of the kids are with mom, so this was something different. It turned out great,” said Dashia Enos, Recreation Coordinator I.

Each participant received a miniature soapbox derby kit and the proper tools and paint to customize their own car. Both dads and moms helped their children beat them at their own game.

Youth were able to custom design their soapbox derby's. The Juan sisters take a picture with their dad, while holding up their custom soapbox derby's.
“I just thought it was going to be cool because when I was little we did Boy Scouts and we had Pinewood Derby stuff like this. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome,’ so I wanted to bring them out [to the class] because I thought they would have fun,” said Community father Mike Juan, who built racers with his two daughters.

“We had a lot of fun making [the cars] with my dad,” said Jizelle Juan.

“I had fun too,” added Brielle Juan.

The Salt River Recreation Department will be hosting an upcoming prom tutorial special-interest class for Community youth. An experienced makeup artist and hairstylist will come in to offer tips and wardrobe ideas for youth attending prom.

For more information about upcoming classes, call the Salt River Recreation Department at (480) 362-6360.