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Fall Overhaul

Vice-President Martin Harvier, Councilman Tom Largo and Assistant Community Manager Kent Andrews assist at the Community Garden by building a greenhouse with Cultural Resources Department staff.

On Friday, October 28, more than 650 Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community tribal employees and Tribal Council representatives lent a helping hand to beautify their community during the Fall Overhaul. This year’s theme was “Ki:him Kekcud – Chuumiish Thxotk, Community Enrichment.”

Fall Overhaul has been an annual event for the past eight years. Each year, the SRPMIC Community Development Department (CDD) hosts this beautification project for the Community. This community-service event is designed specifically for tribal employees from 27 tribal departments to engage in both indoor and outdoor cleanup activities.

To begin the event, all tribal employees gathered at the courtyard of the Two Waters complex to receive their assignments and review safety precautions. Many also joined in some warm-up stretching exercises.

Council Member Tom Largo provided an opening prayer, and SRPMIC President Delbert Ray, Sr., Vice-President Martin Harvier and Community Manager Bryan Meyers also provided welcoming words and thank-you messages for all those participating in this public service.

Staff from the SRPMIC Department of Corrections participate in project "Can it," they had one hour to paint their trash cans. Amber Manuelito from the Salt River School Administration Department, uses tape as guidance while painting a standpipe.
Participants pulled weeds and dead grass, dug holes to plant new trees, prepared soil for planting, trimmed overgrown trees, painted standpipes, painted bird houses/benches, built a greenhouse, and assisted Community elders with yard work around their homes. All of this required teamwork to get the job done for the betterment of the Community.

The Fall Overhaul was organized and coordinated through the combined efforts of the CDD, Public Works and the Information Technology Department, along with numerous other volunteers and sponsors.

At the end of the event, participants gathered at the Two Waters courtyard for the eighth annual Fall Overhaul Luncheon, catered by Round House Café.

“This year, people came ready knowing what they were going to do. They had energy. In previous years, we kind of had to motivate everyone. This year everyone was self-motivated and fast, they worked really fast. They really worked as a unit. The cemetery, Beeline highway, Community garden, the senior homes and the retention pond projects were done very quick,” said Environmental Protection and Natural Resources manager Christopher Horan.

Administration staff make seeded mud balls at the Community Garden. These mud balls will be used next season, while planting.
“Everybody was ready to go. They came back earlier, they were excited and they were all happy. Everything that we put into it, it’s hard work and stressful, but it’s rewarding to see them come back happy. You could feel the energy and they were talking about what they want to do next year, it’s rewarding. It pays off,” said Environmental Technician Virginia Lopez.