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SRES Choir Spreads Christmas Cheer at Arizona State Capitol

The Salt River Elementary School Choir along with SRES music teacher Suzanne Decker (far left) traveled downtown Phoenix to perform various Christmas songs at the Arizona State Capitol.

The Salt River Elementary School Choir performed holiday music for the 14th year in a row on December 5 in the rotunda at the Arizona State Capitol as part of the Annual Holiday Concert Series.

Every year, the Arizona State Capitol invites school choirs from across the state to perform in front of friends, family members and state employees.

Bells echoed in the rotunda while students performed the song "Jingly."
Nineteen students in fourth through sixth grades performed four songs, one in O’odham. The songs were “Fifty Nifty,” “Jingly,” “This Magic Season” and “Silent Night.” SRES music teacher Suzanne Decker led the choir.

“Most of the performances I like to do, I like to sing. My favorite song today was ‘Jingle Bells.’ To have to sing in O’odham helps me learn about my culture,” said fifth-grader and SRES student body president Kylie Enos.

“I wasn’t nervous, and I did have fun. I did this last year too. My favorite song to perform and learn was ‘Silent Night’ in O’odham. It makes me feel good to learn Christmas songs in O’odham because I like to learn about my culture. I’m still learning,” said SRES student Annabell Vallejo.

The Arizona State Capitol lingered with the voices of SRES students.