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Holiday Shopping Can Benefit the Community

Twenty-four days until Christmas.

Crossing off items on the holiday shopping list is something we will all be doing in the coming weeks. Perhaps you plan to visit Wal-Mart at Mesa Riverview or Target at Tempe Marketplace.

But did you know that shopping at Target at The Pavilions or Wal-Mart on Chaparral Road in the western part of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community would actually benefit the Community?

Here within the Community, every time we make a purchase, we pay 7.95 percent in sales tax. If the company is a private company located here within SRPMIC (Target or Wal-Mart), 1.65 percent of the 7.95 percent comes back to the Community and the remaining 6.3 percent goes to the state of Arizona. However, if the company is owned by SRPMIC (Talking Stick Resort or Salt River Fields), the entire 7.95 percent comes back to help benefit the Community.

“We tax things in the Community just like they’re taxed in Phoenix, Scottsdale or other cities. However, there are definitely benefits to shopping at our own enterprises,” said R. Doug Patterson, SRPMIC senior tax manager.

“Our transaction privilege tax is a very important generator of tax revenue for the Community in that a portion of taxes paid at businesses located in the Community stays within the Community. Our taxes help to fund services for all Community members. Holiday shopping that is done within the Community can only help to increase the tax revenues that we receive and that are ultimately available to increase these services,” added Patterson.

“If you’re a patron at the Round House Café or at Target, you’re going to pay that tax as part of your purchase collected at the register. In case of the Round House Café, that business is owned by the Community and managed by Aramark; so Aramark, like all other taxpayers, files a monthly tax return with the Community reporting the number of sales they made in the Community and how much taxes they collected. They send it to us on a monthly basis. Every business files 12 returns every year, paying whatever [sales] taxes they owe,” said Patterson.

The Pavilions is the Community’s top sales-tax generator. The money generated from transactions here is reported as tax revenue and goes into the SRPMIC general fund account. From there it becomes part of the Community’s expenditure process to be used for the Community’s needs.

Sales tax might not seem like a big deal, but it’s definitely a big deal for the Community. So why not take your holiday shopping list with you to The Pavilions, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart or Talking Stick Resort this holiday season, to help benefit your Community.

Aside from sales tax, the Community also benefits from hotel room taxes, tobacco taxes, alcohol taxes and utility taxes.

Take a look at your receipt after your next transaction and feel good about purchasing within the SRPMIC. Happy shopping!