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Interim Streelights to Become Permanent Fixtures in the Community

On the northwest side of Mesa Drive and Indian School Road is an Interim street light to protect pedestrians in the Community.

Temporary floodlights have recently been placed in an area of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community that receives a lot of local foot traffic.

A temporary streetlamp is on the corner of Indian School Road and Mesa Drive. Residents from the nearby Evergreen, Red Mountain and VAII neighborhoods often walk that area. The area is known to be darker than other spots once the sun sets, making it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at times. It was also the location of a fatal car accident earlier this year.

Kirk Beaty, director of the SRPMIC Public Works Department, said it was a safety concern to the Community and the floodlight is temporary, but there is a plan for streetlights to be put up in that location in the fall.

Public Works is looking at solar lights or electric lights and at potential other locations in the Community in need of lights.

“There is also the topic of how much is too much light, and how bright will these lights be,” said Beaty. “Community members have always been without streetlights, and they may not want it to look city-like, so we are taking that into consideration.”

Public Works will oversee the installation and maintenance of the streetlights.

Sidewalks and streetlights are also planned along Longmore Road from the Community Building to the Two Waters tribal complex.